LONDONICITY 2014: The Third Annual London Studies Conference


The Cultures of the City


We are delighted to announce that LONDONICITY 2014: The Third Annual London Studies Conference will take place on 7-8 November 2014. The conference theme for 2014 is London: The Cultures of the City.


The London Symposium 2014


The conference will form part of THE LONDON SYMPOSIUM 2014, which will bring together three events in parallel: 



- UNDERSTANDING BRITAIN 2014: The Second Annual British Studies Conference


  The First Annual British Cinema and Television Conference.


The individual conferences retain their own distinct identities, but join together to share common interests and facilities. A single registration admits to all three events.


Organisers and Venue


THE LONDON SYMPOSIUM 2014 is organised by Academic Conferences London in association with New York University in London and The Journal of British Cinema and Television. It takes place at New York University in London, 6 Bedford Square, London WC1 (next door to the British Museum).