Conference Project and Community


The Purpose of the Event



LONDONICITY: The London Studies Conference offers a convivial environment - relaxed and also dynamic - in which to share ideas, knowledge and understandings of London as we look back on the long history of this great city and ponder the challenges of the present and of the urgent future.


LONDONICITY: The London Studies Conference offers a showcase for cutting-edge academic research together with strategic contributions from the wider community of learners, thinkers, activists, and workers. For our broad range of themes, see the Call for Papers and Presentations.


LONDONICITY: The London Studies Conference is open to anyone with an interest in London affairs. Our Conference Community includes not only academics and researchers but also people from many walks of life connected to the wide range of topics suggested in the Call for Papers and Presentations. We are thus pleased to welcome you to The London Studies Conference either as a Speaker or as a Delegate.


The History of the Event




LONDONICITY: The London Studies Conference was launched together with its sister event FILM AND MEDIA: The Annual Film and Media Conference, in Summer 2011.



The two founding conferences were joined in Summer 2012 by UNDERSTANDING BRITAIN: The British Studies Conference under the overall rubric of THE LONDON SYMPOSIUM. 



FILM AND MEDIA 2013 went standalone as a major separate event, while LONDONICITY and UNDERSTANDING BRITAIN were held over to form the basis of the new LONDON SYMPOSIUM.


2014 (June 26-28)

FILM AND MEDIA 2014: The Fourth Annual London Film and Media Conference again goes alone under rhe rubric VISIONS OF IDENTITY: Global Film & Media.


2015 (dates to be confirmed during August 2014)

THE LONDON SYMPOSIUM 2015 offers a unqiue triple-header as it brings together LONDONICITY 2015, UNDERSTANDING BRITAIN 2015, and VISIONS OF IDENTITY: British Cinema and Television Now - The First Annual British Cinema and Television Conference.


Outcomes: Our E-books



Since their launch in 2011 these pioneering international conferences have together attracted over over 600 Speakers from more than 40 countries. Our community of knowledge embraces established and emerging scholars, professionals and enthusiasts.


The conferences have led to the creation of a series of six Conference Readers, published as free ebooks, which comprise a total of 170 essays on London, Britain, Film and Media from around the world.


For free downloads of our ebooks, please see the relevant pages elsewhere on this site.